The story of how muffins made it

      … from Canada to Germany

When I was on the plane from Canada to Germany in 1987, I had a vision: Germany needs muffins. I had gotten to know and love the little cakes during my college stay there. But back then, the time for muffins in this country was not yet ready. So my dream was had died for the time being.

After seven years, it was finally to come true. When I self-published the first German muffin cookbook “Jutta’s Muffins” in December 1995 in the Renz house, I would never have expected such a muffin boom.

The beginning was – as so often in life – not so easy, because nobody knew what these little cakes were all about. The muffin wave had really spilled over from North America across the ocean to us. At some point, the big publishers also took notice of me, and so the numerous muffin cookbooks finally reached German-speaking households by the tens of thousands and have found lurid sales.

To this day, I am extremely grateful to Weltbild Publishing House from Augsburg, Gräfe und Unzer Publishing House from Munich, and all other publishers for their support. Without them, Germany would certainly have been a dozen muffin books poorer.

Gratefully, I now look back on the last thirty years and would like to thank my heavenly Father for His ingenuity. My motto in life is: If God is our creator, we better be crea©tive!

I hope you enjoy visiting our website, have fun baking and like muffins!
With heartfelt love for muffin baking

Yours sincerely Miss Muffin