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The golden rule of baking muffins

I then explained the art of muffin baking in adult education courses. The biggest challenge was always to make the ladies understand that you stir the muffin batter only very briefly. Even today, I still have to slow down [weiterlesen]

Muffin Baking Contest

A few years later, in 1998, our hardware store reopened after a remodel. This time a Canadian Western Festival was on the program. As part of this event, I also planned a muffin baking contest. The rules of the [weiterlesen]

Juttas´ Muffins

... the first German muffin cookbook As I sat on the plane after graduation from college, I had a dream: Germany needs muffins! That was in 1987, but it would be several years before my dream became [weiterlesen]

A dream must die … 

So today I still travel from north to south, from west to east, to tell many ladies´breakfast groups about my muffin dream. “A dream often has to die before God makes it come true” is the title of my [weiterlesen]

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